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OEM Aftermarket Replacement Solar Panels

OEM Aftermarket Replacement Solar Panels
As PV Systems age some percentage of solar panels will need repair or replacement. We have the solution. ITC Solar in La Jolla, California, specializes in exact replacement solar panels for any model discontinued by the original manufacturers. Our aftermarket solar panels directly replace discontinued OEM solar panels. We stock many models and have a reasonable MOQ for panels we do not stock. There are too many types to stock them all. Using our custom design and fabrication services, we can fabricate any panel identical to the ones needing replacement.

Comparing our replacement panels to the original OEM panels:

Same specifications Same frame size and thickness Same mounting hole pattern Same electrical characteristics

Quality Technology

Our aftermarket solar panels incorporate state-of-the-art crystalline technology with a silicon nitride (SIN) coating to enhance cell efficiency. The modules are fabricated to exceed the original manufacturers' standards.  All our aftermarket solar panels are certified to the UL1703 standard.

Replacement Solar Panels for O&M of Power Plants & Larger Systems

Short list of manufacturers' panels we build replacements for:

Andalay Solar, Inc.
BP Solar
Canadian Solar
Conergy AG
First Solar REC Solar
Kaneka Corporation
Matrix Solar
Day 4 Mitsubishi
Sharp Solar
Shell Solar
Sanyo Solar Power
Schuco USA
Evergreen Solar
Suntech Power
Schott / ASE

ITC Solar - Aftermarket Solar Panel Brochure
• ITC Solar - Aftermarket Solar Panels Complete List
• ITC Solar - 25 yr Limited Module Warranty

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Replacing Panels

Replacement Solar Panels for Traffic Signs, Marine & Telecommunications

Arco Solar M48, M55, M75
Kyocera KC40, KC50, KC65
Kyocera KC85
Siemens SP70, SP75

Shell SQ85
Siemens SM50H, SM55
BP Solar Panels
Solarex MSX64

Siemens Solar SM55

How to Buy

If the panel type you are looking for is not listed, please contact us for more information. We can provide quotes and design consultations.

Call us to purchase low-volume credit card orders,  .