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Custom Solar Panel Fabrication  - Any Size or Shape

We offer custom Solar Panel designs, prototyping fabrication services, and contract PV manufacturing. Download our OEM Solar Panel brochure to see the many types of custom Solar Panels we have designed & fabricated.

Custom-Engineered Solar Modules

OEM Custom Services

To better serve our target markets, we use proprietary encapsulating technologies to manufacture and integrate custom-engineered solar modules for the growing wireless telecommunications and portable electronics markets. Polymer encapsulated modules are weather- and impact-resistant, specifically configured both mechanically and electrically to easily integrate into your product. This makes our panels an efficient, durable, conformable, and cost-efficient option. The modules can maintain the charge in the battery to ensure continuous product operation. Our photovoltaic systems range in size from under one watt to 400 watts.

Solar Panel Technologies

There are various technologies on the market for use in capturing and utilizing solar energy. The solar panel technologies we offer include:

• Aluminum Tefzel • G10 Tefzel • Glass Tedlar • Polymer Encapsulated

Industries and Applications

The technologies we use are beneficial to the growing wireless telecommunications and portable electronics markets. Our custom designs and fabrication are ideal for the following applications:

• Satellite/Cell Phone Charging
• High Voltage Switching
• Marine Telemetry
• Navigational Aids
• Oil and Gas Well Flow Metering
• Railroad Signaling
• Traffic Warning