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Use Our Systems for Solar Energy Capabilities Anywhere

Use the money-saving energy from the sun anywhere with remote solar energy systems designed by ITC Solar in La Jolla, California. Our solar power stations are engineered to provide reliable, stand-alone power. This is an ideal option for operating automated equipment for applications, including high-efficiency computers, Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs), and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition equipment (SCADA) in industries such as:

• Oil and Gas • Security • Telecommunications • Traffic

Remote Stations

The use of solar energy systems is a cost-effective way to run your remote systems. We design and integrate complete turn-key solar electric generators that are engineered to provide solar power for remote locations. Because of flow monitoring, equipment such as Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition equipment (SCADA) have low power requirements. Solar power stations can supersede the need for utility line extensions and overcome power problems associated with remote locations. Our systems feature all or some of the following:

• Battery and Equipment Enclosures
• Battery Interconnects for Multiple Batteries
• Deep Cycle Industrial Batteries
• Factory Assembled and Tested Systems Or Kits
• Factory Assembled and Tested Wiring
• Fused Wire From the Charge Controller To the Batteries
• Pole, Roof Or Ground Mounting Hardware
• Solar Panel(s) From 5 to 250 Watts
• Solid State Regulator With Battery Temp Comp

Solar Energy System

Solar Wi-Fi

Design Services

With our custom design services, we can manufacture a system specifically to your OEM or end-user specifications. Small system solutions are created for the most demanding applications. Through our consulting services, we can provide solar power systems and components for the following applications:

• 12-Volt Battery Barging
• Air Quality Monitoring
• Cathodic Protection
• Control Valves
• Data Recording
• Drilling Meters
• Emergency Communications
• Gas Flow Measurement
• Instrumentation
• Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS)
• Lighting
• Natural Gas Automation
• Process Control Equipment
• Railway Signal Lighting
• Security Cameras
• Seismic Monitoring
• Street Lighting Systems
• Tank Gauging
• Telemetry
• Two-Way Radio
• Wireless PoE
• Wireless WaP and Wi-Fi