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Expert Guidance From Our Solar Consultants

Whether you are interested in manufacturing, reselling, or installing products, the experts at ITC Solar in La Jolla, California, can help. We provide solar consulting services in a variety of areas. Our industry veterans can help your company take advantage of the fast-growing field of solar energy. All consultations are customized to suit your requirements and goals. We are also available to satisfy your distribution needs when you get your company up and running. Consulting services encompass the following:

• Competitive Analysis • Feasibility Studies • Sales and Marketing • Solar Panel Design

Technical Services

Through drawings, documentation, testing, and prototyping, we provide detailed solar product design and evaluation. Our consultants will review your ideas and designs to determine feasibility, while offering advice and recommendations for any improvements. We also offer contract engineering and technical support.


Through detailed, custom solar panel designs, including all materials, drawings, and specifications, we can turn your design ideas into reality. Our PV consultants identify all costs at every level for single crystal silicon, polycrystalline cast ingot silicon, and amorphous silicon manufacturing panels. Panels can be designed from a fraction of a watt to hundreds of watts.

Competitive Analysis

If you want to break into the solar energy industry, we will evaluate business opportunities in the PV industry through a competitive analysis. Our thorough appraisal of competition covers:

• Pricing
• Products
• Technologies • Business Plans • Market Entry Barriers

Consulting Fee Structure

Our rates are fair, competitive, and determined on a case-by-case basis. Fees are charged either as a retainer, a set fee for a set time period, on an hourly basis, or for a flat rate based on the project.